Q  How low will the new ceiling be?

A  The completed installation will be be approximately 45mm lower than the existing roof depending upon the profile, but the shape of the existing roof will remain unaffected.

Q  How long does a typical installation take?

A  A small conservatory e.g. 3m x 3m can be completed within one day but larger conservatories generally can take two to three days

Q  How heavy is the product?

A  As stated on this site the combined weight of all components fitted is no more than 1.5kg/m2, which is over 70% lighter than conventional materials.  This therefore has very little impact on the storm weight calculation for the structure

Q  Will it cure condensation?

A  The insulation will greatly reduce the formation of condensation on the ceiling but we always recommend further measures to help reduce it to a minimum i.e. the effective use of air extraction in kitchens and bathrooms and if the problem is particularly bad we would recommend the use of a dehumidifier.  In the winter months it is also essential to have a "dry" source of heat.  That is to say the presence of a central heating radiator or electric heater.  Portable gas heaters should never be used in a conservatory as they will introduce unwanted additional moisture to the environment

Q  How will it look from the outside?

A  The insulation is not noticeable through polycarbonate panels but where glass panels are present we use a solar reflective obscuring film first, this gives a neat reflective finish from the outside so the insulation beneath is not visible.