Eclipse is the ORIGINAL and MOST EFFECTIVE Conservatory Roof Insulation System

With over twelve years experience and thousands of people across the country benefiting from our service, Eclipse is by far the best option when considering insulation for your conservatory.

If you are seriously considering investing in a system to radically enhance the comfort of your conservatory you need to consider the following points:

 The Eclipse System benefits from the application of genuine 19 layer Superquilt multi-foil insulation blanket.  Superquilt is the world's highest performance CN certified multi-foil on the market today.  It has full certification with LABC (local area building control) and is BDA agrement certified for use in Europe.  It is the ONLY multi-foil insulation to use grade "A" highly reflective aluminium foil (unlike most other multi-foils).



19 Successive layers, 40mm thickness, providing a uValue of 0.19 m2K/W

Meets requirements of L1A, L1B 2010

NHBC Acceptance, Full Agrement Certification

Vapour Control Layer

Thermally tested in accordance with EN16012

Class E Fire Resistance - See video below

 Eclipse is both lightweight and flexible, 70% lighter than a plasterboard and timber installation and also benefiting from the use of a high strength polymer bonding agent thus eliminating the need for screw fixings. 

 Every screw drilled into your roof could result in a potential leak and would also invalidate any guarantee / warranty still remaining with your conservatory manufacturer.

 Eclipse Conservatory Roof Insulation is a unique combination of quality proven materials which once fitted transforms your conservatory into a comfortable living space throughout  the year.

From the PSE timber frame to the decorative panels, all materials are both sympathetic to the existing structure and combine to provide a truly effective insulation system for all seasons.



Why Choose Eclipse?
  • Fast, clean application to existing roof
  • Typical installation completed within two days
  • Instant benefits 
  • Significantly cooler in the summer
  • Significantly warmer in the winter
  • Brilliant white matt finish - no painting required ever!
  • Significantly reduces rain noise and glare
  • Reduce heating costs in winter months
  • Three year guarantee