About  Eclipse Roof Insulation

The Eclipse Conservatory Roof System benefits from the effective use of the following components:

Firstly, a  vented construction grade timber frame is bonded directly to the existing roof bars.  This not only considerably strengthens the existing roof structure but also forms an integral part of the essential ventilation of the installation

Secondly, the multi-foil insulation is fitted between the newly installed frame and existing roof panels with all cut edges sealed with a high strength reinforced foil tape.  The insulation used has been tested by the manufacturer and is found to provide an impressive uValue of around 0.19 on a traditional roof application.  

Finally, decorative pvc boards of your choice are bonded to the frame, the smooth white boards and tongue and groove boards both offer a white finish.   There is also a continuous ventilation gap of approximately 15mm between the insulation and the panels.

Where glass panels are present a premium quality solar reflective film is applied as part of the installation to both provide a neat appearance from the exterior and protect the multi-foil insulation and conservatory from the suns heat.

Another very important benefit of our system over possible alternatives is it's weight.  The overall weight of the Eclipse system is a mere 1.75kg/m2, compared to over 9kg/m2 where other materials such as plasterboard and plaster may be used.  Therefore, a typical 3m x 3m conservatory, having around 10m2 of ceiling would have 15kg of weight added to the structure with the Eclipse system as opposed to 90kg added with a plasterboard/plaster alternative.  A 6m x 4m conservatory would have approximately 37kg added with the Eclipse system as opposed to around 220kg with plasterboard/plaster.

That makes Eclipse over 70% lighter than using conventional materials such as plasterboard etc.

Because all parts of our system  are bonded, the installation has enough flexibility to "move" with the existing roof.  Many people experience "creaking" of the roof as panels warm and cool and this movement would not effect our installation.

By installing Eclipse you are investing in an effective insulation system with a totally maintenance free and beautiful white ceiling with no risk of cracking!

Please note, we are able to offer a very competitive price as once the panels are fitted no further work is required.

Quite simply our installation is quicker and you pay less!